An initiative of Timbercrete , the Sustaining our Shoalhaven House Project has taken out the 2009 Timber Award by the NSW Country Division of the Australian Institute of Architects.

The Shoalhaven House Project aims to provide an example to inspire people to create their own sustainable homes. Timbercrete masonry building products help to make sustainable homes more environmentally sensitive.

Timbercrete masonry building products offer many valuable aspects to the task of creating sustainable homes. Improved insulation value and improved thermal mass are just a few of the qualities that help produce a sustainable home.

The building materials are also highly fire resistant and in fact store carbon gas, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Timbercrete creates building masonry that is thermal efficient to build inspiring sustainable homes.

Timbercrete's masonry building products can be manufactured in varying textures and lengths to create numerous artistic variations, making environmentally sensitive and attractive and unique sustainable homes.