Timbercrete introduces the new Hunter Series of sandstone bricks to their range of masonry products.

Timbercrete’s new sandstone bricks lend an attractive appearance to homes. In addition to being a perfect replacement size for clay bricks, sandstone bricks offer environmental benefits and are also economically priced.

Sandstone bricks can be nailed like timber, offer loadbearing support for double brick construction and have a high fire rating, making them the ideal choice for home building projects.

Timbercrete’s sandstone bricks are also lightweight in structure and can be laid by bricklayers with one hand since they are half the weight of clay or concrete.  

Sandstone bricks also save labour, material and time since each brick is equivalent to one and a half times the length and two times the height of a standard clay brick. This means that bricklayers are effectively laying three brick sizes in one, which will take only a third of the time, mortar and labour otherwise required to install clay bricks.

Timbercrete’s Hunter Series sandstone bricks are an eco-responsible solution for replacing clay bricks.