The Sustaining our Shoalhaven SOS display home project was initiated by Max and Tina Zalakos to encourage people to explore and adopt sustainable practices in their own homes.  

The Zalakos’ drew the support of several local businesses including Timbercrete to popularise the concept. Additionally, the local government also supported the plan to make it a success.  

The Shoalhaven display home has been designed to provide education and information to people on how they can make their own homes environmentally-friendly.  

Timbercrete is one of the largest contributors to the sustainable home project. Timbercrete has supplied their eco-friendly bricks to create an aesthetically pleasing home.  

Key advantages of Timbercrete’s bricks

  • Can be moulded into a range of sizes, shapes, colours and textures to make a unique and attractive appearance
  • Improved insulation value and thermal mass as well as the ability to store carbon gas
  • Improved fire rating to make homes even safer

Timbercrete's award-winning masonry blocks are a valuable addition to Shoalhaven's green home concept.