Timbercrete bricks and blocks offer sound block solutions for buildings.  

Advanced acoustic tests on the sound absorbing bricks and blocks from Timbercrete prove that the buildings will be protected against noise from outside while preventing inside sound from getting out.  

Timbercrete’s bricks and blocks are designed to block excess sound such as from traffic. Timbercrete building products perform extremely well acoustically and in most cases, exceed the minimum requirements for construction in a variety of applications.

According to Peter Collier from Timbercrete Pty Ltd, Timbercrete performs better than clay-fired bricks in its ability to absorb sound in addition to outperforming aerated concrete such as Hebel blocks with regard to sound transference.    

Timbercrete also performs better in sound absorbing tests especially as aerated concrete also needs to be rendered.  

Timbercrete sound block bricks and blocks offer high load-bearing capacity, carry high fire ratings and have great visual appeal.