Australia’s largest wholesaler of engineered wood products, Tilling is focussed on providing local support to the West Australian lightweight timber construction industry through strategic investments in plant and equipment. The company is also invested in building knowledge within the WA market around the lightweight build process.

Historically, the Australian construction industry has developed around local conditions and materials, leading to region-specific construction methods and standard practices. For instance, builders in Queensland use 70 x 35 mm wall framing members compared to 90 x 35 mm elsewhere; this was a result of the stronger Queensland hardwood timber lending itself to a smaller cross-section. Or the West Australian ‘standard build’ of double brick and concrete compared to the brick veneer more prevalent in the eastern states.

However, with the entry of new materials in the market, each region’s practices are also evolving through incremental changes. One such change is occurring in the WA residential market, which is starting to transition from double brick to lightweight timber construction.

Tilling SmartFrame is working to provide local support for this growth from its Perth operations through capital investments in infrastructure. A Hundegger CNC cutter was recently installed by the company to provide precision docked engineered timber products for SmartFrame engineered floor systems.

As part of their knowledge-building initiative, the Perth office of Tilling SmartFrame recently conducted an industry specification night, which was very well received by local merchants, engineers and builders. Keynote speaker Dr. David Bylund, Architect & Program Development Manager and Mid-Rise Advisory Program with Wood Solutions provided valuable information on developments in the eastern states within the lightweight timber construction space, while Tilling’s own Engineering Manager Craig Kay detailed the lightweight flooring and engineering capabilities of the SmartFrame Design Centre.

Tilling SmartFrame will continue to support the WA market with industry events and has further capital investment planned for mid-2018.