The full suite of Tilling SmartFrame products and services was employed by the team from Express Two Storey Living to deliver their stylish New York loft style brownstone homes.

Designed to address the twin problems of housing affordability and urban density, these brownstones come fully finished, complete with land for less than $300,000. Affordability and style being unique points of difference for this project, the builders required smart alternatives to traditional construction practices.

Working in close collaboration with Tilling, the builders relied upon the full suite of Tilling SmartFrame’s in-house services and high quality, sustainable products to develop a low cost, energy efficient building structure, which is expected to change the face of residential construction in WA.

The brownstones feature SmartFrame I-Joist for the floor and roof cassettes to ensure a quality build as well as efficiency in construction. Major structural elements were constructed offsite to minimise material waste, and maximise accuracy. The design also provided efficiencies in installation, with the walls, floor and roof craned into place in just one day.

The building system applied to Express Two Storey’s Brownstone project utilising the unique properties of SmartJoist to design and construct floor and roof cassettes, is not only unique but also popular with the homebuyer. The result is a high-quality home with excellent thermal efficiency.

SmartJoist was used to provide a carbon positive, PEFC sourced base for floor and roof materials, resulting in a highly efficient design that met all specification requirements. The 140sqm project was completed in 2017.