Repeat purchases are always a good indication of customer satisfaction. When VM Romano Construction Group decided to use SmartJoist I-Joists and SmartFrame LVL from Tilling on a second project in Essendon, it already knew it would save time and money without compromising quality.  

VM Romano Construction Group is a family-run business with over 40 years’ experience in residential and commercial developments. But rather than rely only on the products that it knows, it recognises there are new products on the market that may improve its construction or bottom line.

Working closely with its Timber Merchant - Bowens, VM Romano needed to tighten costs on a large office and apartment development in Melbourne’s north. Bowens approached Tilling for a more cost effective floor framing system and the SmartFrame Design Centre came back with a solution using SmartJoist and SmartFrame LVL.  

The recently released SmartJoist I-Joists have Douglas Fir flanges giving them unsurpassed strength. The range covers a broad selection of section sizes to suit almost any job, is user-friendly and cost effective.  

According to the company, all the co-ordinating and on-site applications, Tilling were fantastic. SmartJoist I-Joists are easy to work with and can be docked on site. And unlike open web joists, load bearing walls can go anywhere along the joist length, and there is no need to worry about what is underneath it. Jamie also found the technical back-up of the SmartFrame Design Centre, the engineering and documentation invaluable. VM Romano will be back again.