The installation of a water tank has, until now, come at a price. They were big, they were cumbersome and they took up to much space. But for those with smaller areas available for a tank, help is at hand.

The White Water Wall Tank, available from Tight Spot Tanks , fixes to a fence or building with minimal space impact. The system uses two strong polyethylene bladders horizontally supported within a Colourbond shell to prevent bulging at the base.

Each square metre of the tank holds 220 litres of water and the depth-to-wall distance is 220mm or 440mm depending on the space available.

There are no welded joints and water never comes in contact with metal, removing the potential for rusting parts. The White Water Wall Tank can be installed where other types of tanks cannot be considered.

The White Water Wall Tank is capable of withstanding heat up to 135°C. The White Water Wall Tank is constructed on site to suite the clients’ property with lengths and heights custom made for the available space.

The full Colourbond range of colours is available so people can blend the tank with their garden design and colour of the home.


  • Unobtrusive
  • Small footprint compared to other types of tanks
  • 220mm deep holds 220 litres per square metre
  • 440mm deep holds 440 litres per square metre
  • May be totally assembled on-site
  • Tanks may be tailored to suit a site
  • Colorbond materials used
  • Wide range of colours
  • Water is not in contact with tank interior (no corrosion)
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride bladder holds the water
  • The same PVC is used in large industrial tanks