Thermonet Underfloor Heating  supplies a range of freestanding heated towel rails made from 304 stainless steel.  

Designed for durability, Thermorail heated towel rails consist of eight 20mm horizontal rails with 32mm upright bars and legs.  

The rail is 600mm wide and 1080mm high. A key advantage is its space-saving design that does not take up much room and allows it to be transported and stored flat.  

Like all products in the Thermorail range of heated towel rails, the freestanding towel rails are backed by Thermonet’s customer satisfaction guarantee and carry a 3-year warranty on manufacturing quality.  

Freestanding heated towel rails can be used to dry and warm towels or warm clothes overnight. The rails are self regulating and will not overheat during operation. The low wattage enables efficient operation.  

Thermorail freestanding towel rails are a practical feature of any new home or bathroom renovation.