Thermogroup now offers a lifetime warranty on their Thermonet and Vario underfloor heating cables.

Thermonet heating cables include a tough fluoropolymer coating on the outside and also on the internal conductors, a continuous armoured earth sheath and multi strand twin conductors. 

Thermonet and Vario are the only underfloor heating systems in Australia to feature Thermogroup’s unique TwistedTwin conductors. Twisting them together eliminates the electromagnetic field (EMF) and neutralises the stress, expansion and contraction of the cable along the entire length. This extra process results in a more robust, workable, and longer lasting cable superior to anything else available.

Thermogroup cables also have an extra safety feature: In addition to the armoured earth sheath, a twisted, multi strand earth braid is also included along the entire length of the cable to improve the overall safety of the system and provide extra peace of mind when installing the product.

Thermonet heating cables are just 3.5mm thick allowing the installer to fit the product faster and without the need for extra materials and processes such as expensive, time consuming self-levelling compounds. In a tiled floor application Thermonet can be laid directly in the adhesive layer without causing extra build-up.

The unique Lifetime Warranty for Thermonet and Vario underfloor heating cables ensures complete peace of mind.