For many years firedogs have been used in hearths of fireplaces to support burning logs. The Wagga Iron Foundry offer this product as a great alternative to the traditional Fire Dogs that were used to prevent the log from rolling out of the fireplace.

The traditional fire baskets would warp and rot due to heat of the fire and the lack of air circulation caused by the accumulation of air.

The Wagga Iron Foundry Fire Dog Supporting Fire Baskets provides the best of both products as the logs are supported to prevent roll out and the ash can be collected as it falls through the grate of the basket in either a central recess in the hearth or there is room under to place an ash pan.

There are 4 different types of firedogs available:

  • Fleu-de-lys
  • Regency
  • Methuselah; and
  • Torch.