The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialists  or The Driveway Cleaning Specialists provide a wide range of industrial floor cleaning services to remove contaminants in workshops, factories etc. Hot water, high pressure, rotary clean and vacuum extracts are used by The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialists to render floor cleaning services.

Industrial floor cleaning services from The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialist remove oily floors and slippery surfaces, thereby providing a safe working environment. The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialists provides ‘out of hours’ floor cleaning services for industries with large workforce.

The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialists uses Driveway and Masonry Sealants to provide sealant services. Driveway Sealants are ideal for stencilled or painted driveways, exposed aggregate driveways, Pebbletex driveways, stamped concrete driveways.

Driveway and Masonry Sealants protect the surface from wearing or fading. It also resists absorption of oil stains left by vehicles, acid, rust marks, mould etc.

With equipment such as Elevated Work Platforms and Boom Lifts, The Epoxy Floor Painting Specialists undertakes elevated cleaning services. These equipment facilitate in reaching and cleaning high places including interior and exterior of high rise buildings, factories, monuments and many more.