Surveys in New York and London show that noise problems rate more highly and affect more people than crime.

Doctors and scientists now realise that even relatively low levels of noise over long periods can cause a range of serious health problems.

Noise control in buildings is an effective method to reduce the problem and acoustical insulation products are the answer.

National and local authorities are constantly upgrading requirements to limit noise levels by improving the building code.

The Demand Group  offers a range of products to reduce the effects of noises from both inside and outside your building, from external traffic noise to loud music or blaring TV from neighbouring apartments.

Products can be used in systems or sometimes individually and include:

  • Soft fibre, acoustic batt insulation to absorb sound
  • Dense, loaded vinyl barriers to block noise through ceilings and walls
  • Pipe lagging to deaden water and waste noise
  • Inter-office sound control system
  • Impact resilient mounts to de-couple hard surfaces
  • Acoustic, composite fabrics to reduce reverberation (echo) noise
  • Windows, doors and seals

Not only does the Building Code of Australia rely on these products to support their new regulations, but they can also be used in vehicles, boats and heavy equipment.