Mobile trackless barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) are a range of completely collapsible trackless barrier door systems that offer versatility in application.
Designed by engineers to meet a growing market need, ATDC’s mobile trackless barriers find use in access control applications as well as securing factory loading docks, kiosks, malls, food courts and walkways. The trackless barrier doors also offer access control around dangerous machinery and equipment under maintenance as well as securing public access areas in buildings such as railway stations, airports and bus terminals.
The trackless barriers operate on a series of steel trolleys and rubber castors, allowing them to be conveniently set up for the erection of temporary enclosures. The system can span an unlimited width at any angle, even in a curved format, and can be wheeled away when not in use and stored out of sight for added convenience, making it a popular product for shopping centres, with users including Westfield, AMP, Lend Lease, Stocklands, Centro, Colonial Mutual, and Mirvac.
According to Dan Boyle, the Operations Manager at Centro Galleria in Perth, the ATDC trackless barrier system has proven to be a very effective deterrent while also maintaining the ambience of the centre.
Mr Chris Warner, Security Manager at Millennium High Tech Group, another regular user has successfully used the trackless barrier doors at the Macarthur Square Shopping Centre in NSW. More than 20 barricades have been set up in the centre around escalators, stairs and other high traffic areas to reduce theft and to allow or restrict access in certain areas.
Chris added that the systems were very user friendly in terms of ease of use and flexibility, especially in relocating existing barriers to different areas with minimum fuss.
Tony Trim, Managing Director of Trim Fresh, a retail fruit and vegetable outlet located in many shopping centres in NSW also speaks highly of the trackless barrier system from ATDC, which is used in all their stores. He finds these barriers ideal for protecting his retail outlets without being obtrusive or expensive.
Customers can still see the products when the store is closed, with the doors folding away neatly when the store is open. He adds that the barrier system is cost effective, of great quality and works well to reduce theft.
ATDC also supplies a special trolley allowing the customer to load several barriers at once to help deploy the systems more efficiently.
The precision engineered mobile security barriers are fabricated from steel and come with a professional powder-coated high gloss finish for durability.
ATDC also offers these mobile security barriers on rental terms to provide a temporary lock up solution. The rental option is particularly useful for temporary security requirements such as event staging, OH&S work site applications, casual tenancies in shopping malls and pop up retail stores.
An Australian family owned business, ATDC supplies a diverse range of precision engineered expanding trellis security doors in steel and aluminium, which are suitable for securing most residential, commercial and industrial applications.