Swedish flooring company Bolon has introduced new products to its Artisan, Now, Graphic and Ethnic collections featuring fresh new colours and designs.

The Artisan collection

The Artisan collection comprises of a total of eight colours including five new colours added at the beginning of the year. The five new colours include Ivory and Motley in sheet, and Petroleum, Fuchsia and Malachite in both sheet and tile.

Designed for larger areas, Artisan floors are recommended for offices, hotels and other expansive commercial interiors. Artisan has a profiled yarn, a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave, delivering a warm, textile-like feeling to suit any design environment. The mixed weft thread resists dirt and wear.

The Now collection

The Now collection delivers exciting interiors and an expressive yet uniform whole. The streaks of metallic in the weave give a lavish, exclusive feeling and create visually powerful environments with a strong sense of balance. The Now collection offers a total of six colours with the three new colours Carnation, Tangerine and Cerulean all available as roll products.

The Graphic collection

The Graphic collection consists of five new products including Gradient and Checked as roll products and Texture Black, Texture Grey and Texture Beige in tiles. Bolon’s designer flooring solution, Graphic has been created for high-traffic environments such as offices or retail outlets where an exciting, contemporary look must be harmonised with classic, sober ambience.

Graphic is available as rolls and tiles. Rolls include Etch, Draw, String, Mache, Herringbone Black, Herringbone Beige, Gradient (new) and Checked (new) while tile choices include Etch, Draw, String, Mache, Texture Black (new), Texture Beige (new), Texture Grey (new), London and New York.

The Ethnic collection

Two new sheet products Gabna and Saivo have been added to the Ethnic collection. Ethnic harnesses the feeling of natural light and beauty, creating striking patterns reminiscent of earth, stone and rock with a futuristic metallic shimmer that suggests cold Nordic light. These sophisticated qualities together with classic, soft textile touch and feel allow Ethnic to harmonise perfectly with retail and hotel environments.

Bolon flooring products are available in Australia and New Zealand from TAG - The Andrews Group .