With the launch of The Art of Performance as well as the opening of their very first Australian showroom in 2020, Swedish flooring design brand Bolon has made an impactful entry into the new decade.

The Art of Performance represents a sustainable approach to manufacturing that focuses on the two core elements of design and function across their product collections, and how beauty and performance are interwoven into Bolon’s successful and inspiring range of flooring products.

Great design is design that lasts

Bolon’s The Art of Performance is based on the belief that beauty and design go beyond the surface; it captures the exceptional designability, sustainability, cleanability and durability of Bolon’s well-designed, high performance flooring products.

The Art of Performance was officially launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020.

Led by Annica and Marie Eklund today, Bolon continues to be ahead of its time just as it did over 70 years ago when Nils-Erik Eklund founded the company.

“We believe it’s important to explore and find new ways of seeing our existing flooring collections,” observes Annica Eklund, Bolon’s chief creative officer and third-generation member of the Eklund family.

“It’s interesting to work with what we have, and we want to make our collections newer than ever, through the endless combinations we have created.”

“For us, great design is design that lasts,” explains Annica. “You can only achieve that when performance and aesthetics are equally important, when effortless cleanability and maintenance come naturally, and when honest sustainability stands above it all.” 

Bolon’s Australian debut

Bolon opened their first Australian showroom in Sydney recently in the presence of architects and designers. Located on Oxford Street in the eastern suburb of Paddington, the new showroom showcases Bolon’s full range of woven flooring collections, with the dynamic and flexible space designed to host a series of exhibitions, workshops and lectures while enabling Sydney residents to explore the timeless beauty of the brand. 

Virtual tours of the showroom are available for designers to take a sneak peek of the bright, new space in the current pandemic environment. 

The Bolon Showroom is located on 76 Oxford St, Paddington NSW.

Photographs: The Andrews Group