TenderSearch is Australasia’s only tender notification response and tender advertising specialist with ISO 9001 quality certification.

Increasing pressures to manage immeasurable volumes of paper and information are a serious issue in federal, state, and local government sectors. Additionally, these sectors are using information in innovative ways to improve services and internal operations.

However, with new information being generated daily and adding to the already vast information knowledge base, these sectors are demanding and expecting high levels of sophisticated information access and service to deliver information to their constituencies.

Governments, faced with the need to provide timely access to information at low costs, must identify the right technologies and best business practices to deliver and manage better services now and into the future.

With over 23 years experience in providing business with tender notification of opportunities in the government sector, TenderSearch can help your organisation manage the tender process to ensure that your procurement requirements are made available directly to those companies who are best able to respond to your requirements in a timely manner.

E-tendering with TenderSearch provides relevant, timely information to everyone upon request. TenderSearch will help you meet your integrated e-tendering management needs and goals. TenderSearch can help both buyers and suppliers to reduce the time, effort and costs involved in the purchasing lifecycle.

TenderSearch’s e-tendering website provides a web-based tool that enables procurement professionals and providers to conduct the strategic activities of the procurement lifecycle over the internet.

TenderSearch provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering activities incorporating the sending and receiving of tenders and quotations enabling the reduction of time and effort required for both buyers and suppliers.