Techome introduces the comfort factor into home furniture with its TiMOTION range of high quality actuation systems.

Designed to offer total comfort solutions for the home, these TecHome systems make comfort furniture a lot more comfortable. Backed by TiMOTION products, TecHome has developed a suite of Comfort Motion products for manufacturers of recliners, leisure chairs and beds.

TecHome’s Comfort Motion suite aims to enhance user experience for end-consumers, allowing them to easily adjust their favourite furniture for greater comfort. Using actuation systems from TiMOTION, manufacturers are able to create safe and reliable solutions for their customers at an economical price. The fully customisable range from basic systems to feature-rich solutions with added functionality and optional accessories, delivers greater flexibility to manufacturers.

TecHome’s Comfort Motion Suite includes adjustable bed systems offering quiet operation and high lifting capacity actuators, designed for head and foot adjustments. These systems can be paired with control boxes and a wide range of compatible accessories including massage motors, reading lights or double actuators with synchronised movement for additional customisation. The entire system can be controlled with a variety of customisable controller handsets.

Also in the Comfort Motion range are solutions for recliner and leisure furniture manufacturers who can benefit from actuators, power supplies and controls customisable for single or 2-motor recliners and leisure chairs. Seamless and quiet actuators provide a smooth recline with the push of a button mounted directly on the recliner.

TecHome takes the concept of comfort to a new level with a fully customisable range of actuation systems for furniture, tailor made and backed by local support.