TecHome and TecIndustry offer a broad range of weatherproof products for the outdoors to meet the needs of Australian lifestyles and challenging climate conditions.

TecHome offers rain sensors and outdoor power points in its portfolio of weatherproof controllers as well as several linear actuator options for different applications.

Rain Sensors

A 100% Australian designed and manufactured product, the TH495 rain sensor is made from marine grade stainless steel and recommended for opening roof systems. The highly versatile TH495 rain sensors can be used in multiple applications where water or moisture must be detected such as water tank level detection or in greenhouses and nurseries to sense excess moisture.

Outdoor Power Point

TecHome’s outdoor power points offer a single-touch solution to control pool lights, water features and garden lights at the same time. This remote control power point features multiple remote controls, memory function in case of power outage, and the option of manual control. A must-have for any outdoor living area, the TH591 remote control power point comes with a number of innovative features and endless applications, allowing homeowners to embrace the easy life.

TA1 Linear Actuator

The flagship product of the company, the TA1 heavy load linear actuator is specifically designed for heavyweight applications. Featuring built-in limit switches at the extended and retracted positions combined with a compact design, the weatherproof TA1 is ideal for outdoor industrial applications. Part of TecHome’s heavy load linear actuator range, the TA1 is available in a 250kg-1000kg range with varying stroke lengths. Customised solutions are also offered.

TA2 Linear Actuator

The TA2 linear actuator features a compact design, perfect for use in small spaces without sacrificing force or capability, and a robust, fully sealed construction, making it ideal for heavy duty outdoor use. The TA2 light range linear actuators have a maximum 75kg push weight and are available in a number of different stroke lengths. Fit for purpose actuators are also available.

TA2-P Linear Actuator

A high powered version of the TA2 linear actuator with similar features, the TA2-P incorporates a more powerful motor to handle load ratings of up to 500kg while retaining its compact size. The TA2-P also has a fully sealed design making this linear actuator a great option for outdoor use. TecHome offers a range of TA2-P medium load linear actuators with a maximum load of 200kg as well as fit-for-purpose linear actuator solutions.