Energy efficient, thermally broken steel windows have now been added to the comprehensive range of performance products available from Technical Protection Systems (TPS).

These European style thermally insulated windows are available in fixed, tilt, turn, or turn and tilt arrangements, and can be supplied in powder-coated, painted, or stainless steel finishes for the most discerning customer.

Beautifully designed and finished, these windows use the Forster Unico thermally insulated steel window profile, and can be manufactured in large sizes. This thermally insulated steel window system is ideally suited for commercial and luxury residential projects.

Turn and tilt thermally insulated steel window systems from TPS have numerous benefits including:

  • Fixed panes, hinged doors, and turn and tilt window arrangements
  • High acoustic performance
  • Intruder and Burglar tested (select models)
  • Low maintenance frame
  • Strength and reliability
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
  • Totally recyclable framing system
  • High energy ratings
TPS also supply non-thermally broken steel and stainless steel window and door frames, bullet resistant doors and windows, fire rated doors and windows, and intruder resistant doors and windows.

Forster Unico steel framing system from TPS provides excellent thermal insulation.