Technical Protection Systems (TPS) presents Greenhouse by Joost, the latest zero waste project by Joost Bakker located in Melbourne CBD.

‘Imagine a home that produces more energy than you need, grows more food than you can possibly eat, a complete closed loop – a zero waste system inspired by nature.’ This is the Mission Statement of the Greenhouse project, an 87sqm two-bedroom sustainable house in the middle of Melbourne’s Federation Square, featuring aquaponics, solar power, micro-farms and a rooftop garden.

Based on a zero-waste model, the home is designed and built to be completely self-sufficient in terms of food, shelter and energy for its temporary residents, celebrity chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett.

TPS was engaged by Joost in early 2020 to create a large window for the kitchen in the Greenhouse. The window needed to allow generous amounts of natural light in, open out to create a glazed roof to enable a film crew to operate under, be operable by one person, and also feature thermally broken steel and double glazing with a single pane of glass.

TPS decided on a Forster Unico outward opening strut supported window for the Greenhouse project. TPS’ steel windows are manufactured using the energy efficient thermally broken Unico frame from Forster and combine excellent insulation with high functionality.

The Forster Unico 3.2m x 1.4m gas strut supported awning window was installed with Viridian LightBridge high performance double glazing.

Project Timeline

4th August 2020

Steel Windows

31st August 2020


15th September 2020

awning window installation

15th November 2020


You can book a tour of the Greenhouse here.