Three -/60/30 stainless steel fire doors were commissioned at the head office of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Melbourne.

Manufactured and installed by TPS distributor Australian Commercial Doors, the doors were from the Forster Fuego Light range, supplied in a stainless steel linished finish and featuring 18mm Pilkington Pyrostop glass.

Forster Fuego Light from Technical Protection Systems Pty Ltd is an insulated steel framing system designed with the ability to resist fire, bullets, smoke and intruders.

Fuego Light is approved for fire resistance up to -/30/30 for sliding doors, -/60/60 for single, pair and pivot doors, -/90/90 for single and pair doors, and -/120/120 for fixed windows. Extremely cost effective, these stainless steel fire doors deliver an aesthetically pleasing solution for diverse applications.