Technical Protection Systems  (TPS) now offer a complete range of insulated door and window systems to meet virtually all Deemed to Satisfy provisions of the BCA, from 60 minutes partially insulated, through to 120 minutes with full insulation.

These fully tested and certified fire door and window systems use the Forster ‘Fuego Light’ insulated steel profile systems. The steel profile system is available in mild steel that can be painted or powder-coated, and there is also a select range of stainless steel profiles for doors and windows. All TPS insulated fire windows use Pilkington Pyrostop (TM) Class A safety glass which offers complete protection against flames and heat due to the unique intumescent properties that prevent more than 98% of radiant heat transfer.

Insulated fire windows are suitable for all types of commercial applications and have been used in projects worldwide from the famous Reichstag building in Berlin (German Parliament), through to the Attorney General’s office in Melbourne.

TPS are dedicated fire rated and high performance glazing experts, and offer full specification and project support Australia wide via a network of trained experts.

Other products such as integrity only Fire, Bullet, Smoke, Intruder, and Thermally Insulated steel door and window systems are also available from TPS.