Technical Protection Systems (TPS) offers a full range of fire rated insulated and non insulated glass doors and window systems.

The TPS range of insulated and non insulated glazed fire doors, window systems and curtain walls complement the range of bullet, smoke and intruder resistant window and door systems that TPS also offer.

The glazed door systems include:

  • 60 minute (-/60/30) single and pair, side hung arrangements
  • 60 minute (-/60/30) single and pair, double acting systems
  • 30 minute integrity only (-/30/-) automatic fire rated sliding doors
All TPS doors are integrity approved and utilise Pilkington Pyrostop intumescent fire rated glass and Forster fire rated framing systems to provide a high level of insulation and radiation protection.

  • The  window systems include:
  • 30 minutes integrity only (-/30/-)
  • 60 minutes integrity only (-/60/-)
  • 30 minutes fully insulated (-/30/30)
  • 60 minutes partially insulated (-/60/30)
  • 60 minutes fully insulated (-/60/60)
  • 90 minutes fully insulated (-/90/90)
  • 120 minutes fully insulated (-/120/120)
Curtain Wall Systems include -/30/- through to -/120/120 ranges.

All TPS door and window systems are fully tested and certified, incorporating both glass and frame, as per the requirements of the AS1530.4 Australian Standards guidelines. TPS doors and windows are available throughout Australia via a network of trained manufacturers and installers. With the support of two of the largest worldwide suppliers of approved fire rated glazing products, TPS can provide full technical, specification, and project support to ensure complete confidence in both product selection and suitability of application.
Other products from TPS include:

  • Bullet resistant glass doors and windows
  • Intruder resistant doors and windows
  • Smoke resistant doors and windows