TBA Firefly has entered the cladding market with the launch of their solid aluminium facade panels. The new aluminium solid panels (ASP) are deemed to satisfy non-combustible requirements, and certified to AS1530.1 & AS1530.3.  

The new facade cladding panels come from TBA Firefly, which has been specialising in fire protection products for over 130 years. TBA Firefly is a division of TBA Textiles, a manufacturer of fire resistant textiles and products for more than 130 years in Rochdale, UK and also servicing the Australian market for the past 60 years.

TBA Firefly’s non-combustible ancillary products have predominantly been used behind the facade panels of other manufacturers. The company has now tested and released their own panels.

For all your new builds or remedial cladding projects, TBA Firefly can provide the following materials:

TBA Firefly fully DTS facade products

  • TBA Firefly Non-combustible Aluminium Solid Panel (ASP)
  • TBA Firefly Non-combustible Sarking
  • TBA Firefly Non-combustible R0.2 Vulcan Thermal Break
  • TBA Firefly Non-combustible Fortaglas Backing Rod

TBA Firefly intumescent cavity barriers

Alternatively, TBA Firefly can provide intumescent cavity barriers. As a fire protection solution, intumescent barriers must combust to enable them to react and fully close off the cavity to the passage of hot gases, heat and flame from one level to the next.

These intumescent cavity barriers were used along with some of TBA Firefly’s other products in four full scale AS5113 facade tests, passing and achieving an EW Classification.