Get an expert to answer your questions on Tasmanian timber with a new free-call service. Tasmanian Timber has partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) at the University of Tasmania to deliver a free expert timber helpline service.

This helpline is open to anyone seeking information about Tasmanian timber: questions can range from specifying and using Tasmanian timber, choosing the right timber for the right application and obtaining quotes from suppliers to troubleshooting problems throughout a project.

The free helpline is operated by Michael Lee, a timber industry technical professional with support from 20 PhD candidates from the School of Architecture who are at the cutting edge of timber research.

Lee has over 35 years in the timber industry in Tasmania, having served as a production manager at one of the largest timber companies in the state, and also as the technical manager for the Forest and Forestry Industry Council (FFIC). He has also been involved with various government bodies and the University of Tasmania throughout his career.

“We have a full breadth of professionals who will get back to answer your questions very quickly. If you’re looking for information on design, suitable products, where to buy Tas timber from, how to get a quote, what species to use and so on we can help you find a solution. There are no bad questions; we can always find an answer for you,” says Lee.

Established following the success of the Timber Research Unit, CSAW is highly active in research and education on a number of issues related to sustainable architecture with wood. After running the Timber Research Unit program for twenty years, CSAW is ideally situated to operate the Tasmanian timber helpline, Lee observed.

“We’ve been working with builders, architects and the general public now for a number of years on how to get more timber into the built environment and how best to use Tasmanian timber species in the built environment. We have a unique ability to answer a broad range of questions because of the scope of expertise of our staff.”

Callers requesting a quote for timber will be directed to suppliers to the Tasmanian Timber campaign who are all certified sustainable, hold Chain of Custody certification and are independently audited under a strict Quality Assurance Program, also operated by CSAW at the University of Tasmania.

Given the current focus on using local timber, the helpline can also assist with the sourcing.

“The helpline is also used regularly to obtain quotes, and we really encourage this. By using the helpline, you ensure the timber you are sourcing is from a sustainable source and has been dried and processed to the highest standards. We connect you with the right suppliers and products for application.”

Even after the timber has been specified and delivered to the site, customers can still use the helpline for after sales support, says Lee.

“We also offer support after the timber has been purchased. Timber servicing is one of the things that we look at quite markedly and have put a lot of research into. We’re prepared to help solve any issues or questions to ensure you get the best out of the finished product.”

To talk to an expert and benefit from this free-call service, please call 1300 041 766.