Tasmanian Oak was extensively used by Melbourne based architecture studio, Enth Degree Architects during the renovation of the Templestowe Hotel. Among others, the Tasmanian timber was chosen for its inviting look and tactility.

Located on the outskirts of Melbourne, Templestowe Hotel, known locally as The Tempy, was originally established in 1868. Completed in 2021, the renovation by Enth Degree Architects involved the revamping of the large venue and seamlessly combining the hotel’s different spaces to create a cohesive style throughout. Tasmanian Oak was used as the common thread to stitch the warm but modern design together throughout this welcoming community hub.

Prior to the new interior fitout, the venue, which included a sports bar, gaming room and bistro, presented as separate spaces. Choosing a range of textures including an organic flowing carpet that carries into each room, Enth Degree Architects also selected muted purple tones matched with natural soft greens and varying applications of timber.

Tasmanian Oak was chosen for the banquette seating walls, planter boxes, bar front, and wall and ceiling linings, Enth Degree senior architect Esther Choi said.

“We liked the base colour of Tasmanian Oak and found the timber that we selected to be relatively consistent. Timber brings a warmth and texture to a project and even when stained, it doesn’t feel cold or have a flat surface,” Choi commented.

Having specified Tasmanian Oak in previous projects, Choi says the ample use of Tasmanian Oak in The Tempy was a first. With the timber performing to their standard, it was also its locality and availability that made the timber the right choice.

“We’ve used Tasmanian Oak in other residential and hospitality projects when we wanted to achieve that warmth and texture timber creates but this is the first project we have used it in so many different areas. It’s important for us to use local materials because of the small footprint and the short lead time,” Choi explained.

With the bistro transformed into an elegant contemporary restaurant, seniors can still come in and read a newspaper in the lounge, families can dine together at the big tables and the young and hip can, besides having a good meal, have a space to share on social media.

This thoughtful consideration of creating a space accessible to multiple generations is the expertise of Enth Degree Architects. With each project, the team considers the people who will benefit from the designed spaces, with their signature being an eye for detail across seamlessly integrated environments, and a rational approach to both form and function.

Images: Tasmanian Oak used in the Templestowe Hotel by Enth Degree Architects. Photo credit: Steve Scalone