Tankworks Australia  is involved in offering tanks, pumps, bases and accessories. Tanks offered by Tankworks Australia are available in three different models including Colourbond Aquaplate, Copper and Stainless steel.

The classic ranges of Colourbond Aquaplate are resistant to corrosion and are ideal for various applications. It can be directly placed on to concrete slab. This colourbond range of tanks is manufactured using corrugated finish. It is available in wide range of colours. Colourbond Aquaplate tanks are available in form of two different tanks including round and slimline tanks.

Stainless steel tanks from Tankworks Australia have better longevity and strength. The stainless steel ranges of tanks are finished using buffed stainless finish material. Tankworks Australia also offers copper tanks which are made from soldered joints and hand copper rivets. Copper tanks are ideal for small header tanks in commercial sectors.

Bases and stands offered by Tankworks Australia are provided based on the weight of tank. While placing the bases certain points are to be noted. The tank must be placed away from retaining walls. Tanks must not be placed on non compacted fill as it subsides and cause spillage. The base options offered by Tankworks Australia include concrete pre cast slabs, pavers and earth rings. Sand and crusher dust bases are also offered by Tankworks Australia.