Tactile Australia  provide installation services. They specialise in the installation of Tac-Pave tactile systems. Tactile Australia have been installing these Tac-Pave tactile systems since 2002. These tactile systems comply with industry safety standards and specifications. Tac-Pave tactile systems, provided by Tactile Australia, include thin tiles and can be moulded easily. These tactile systems can be moulded onto a diverse range of pavers including spray seal, asphalt, brick and concrete pavers. Tactile Australia provide coloured tactile tiles that are available in custom designs to suit various applications. The unique feature of this thin tile is its ability to be installed in the existing surfaces without the need for excavating these surfaces. Tac-Pave tactile systems, provided by Tactile Australia, are available at cost effective rates and comply with Australian building standards and specifications.

Tactile Australia also specialise in the installation of stainless steel studs. These studs have been constructed from solid 316 marine grade stainless steel and known for durability and reliability. Tactile Australia supply these stainless steel studs in pinned models and unpinned models. Other types of stainless steel studs include ringed tip studs, non-slip inserts and ringed side face studs. Tactile Australia house a team of experienced and professional engineers, who can manage various civil as well as tactile projects efficiently. These professional engineers have been trained according to the requirements of Australian Standards.