The increasing popular trend of turning gardens into natural extensions of a living space has made way for iDECK products from Sydney Wood Industries . iDECK is an exclusive range of decking tiles and hardwood exterior decking products. The iDECK range includes pre-fabricated fencing panels, decking boards and decking tiles.

Most of iDECK products including fencing panels are made from Bangkirai. This wood is knot free and is extremely resistant to fungal decay, insect attack and rot. This timber can be used for a multitude of applications because it has high natural durability and innate strength.

The installation of iDECK is very simple and it is easy to maintain. Customers can design and landscape the garden to their tastes and obtain quick results. iDECK decking tile products serve as a sure solution to landscape requirements.

iCLIP products from Sydney Wood Industries are made out of superior hardwoods like Ipe. The unique feature of iCLIP is the ‘no nails’ system. iCLIP decking boards are best suited for large areas. These products ensure safe nail/screw-free system and even board placement. iCLIP products come in attractive designs. Like iDECK, iCLIP products are also easy to install. They are available in various lengths.