Sydney Indesign returns in 2015 in a brand new event format that aims to stimulate new engagement between commercial design brands and their customers, and to provide event-goers with a dynamic and memorable design experience.

A design event for architects, designers, specifiers, developers, manufacturers, product suppliers and design lovers, Sydney Indesign combines a new visual identity with a program of experiential events this year.

The Project: RITUAL

Now in its eighth year, The Project is a major highlight for event-goers looking to engage with brands and products in a unique and memorable way. Based on a specific theme each year, The Project outcomes are often diverse with creative installations that take showroom spaces to the next level using special builds, visual illusions, projections and interactive works.

The Project this year calls on high-end retailers and suppliers to join forces with designers and creative teams to push the boundaries of design and transform their showroom spaces into an immersive brand experience. The Project theme in 2015 is RITUAL, which challenges creative teams to explore the rituals and traditions that shape their creative business and brand:

“Rituals are a part of everything we do. From creativity through to business, and our everyday lives, rituals become our frame of reference and our guide. Within the spectrum of creative business, there’s the ritual of encounter – engagement, connection, exchange, experience; and creative rituals – methods of inspiration, ideation, development and execution; there’s even the making and breaking of rituals – rethinking, reshaping, redefining, or even paying homage to a long-held tradition or ‘way of doing’.”

Sydney Indesign will open on Friday August 14.

Visitors can register online to attend Sydney Indesign.