Superlat Products  located in Australia provides lattice in two new maintenance free materials which comes in steel and plastic. These colorbond brand products have heavy strength and therefore it is suitable to be used in the security applications such as fencing work as well as gates.

On receiving information Superlat Products will send its experts to assess the area of application and take measurements and show the samples with advice on suitable material for specific application.

Lattice provided by Superlat Products does not require painting, will not rot or burn and are termite proof. Poly plastic lattice provided by Superlat Products are of high strength to weight ratio. It has good weather resistance, one piece construction as well as a variety of colours and patterns available.

Superlat Products’ plastic lattice can be converted into panels of al almost any shape and size. This product can be joined together using colour coordinated powder coated metal joiners along with a perimeter framing system which permits the lattice to expand and contract within it. This will enable to withstand weather changes without causing distortion to the lattice panel.