Timber prices are set to skyrocket with the introduction of the carbon tax and Australia’s implementation of tough new laws to meet the Kyoto Protocol.

Environmentally friendly companies, such as Style Plantation , will actually have their products exempt from cost hikes. The Australian government plans to implement the Carbon tax by 2010, boldly aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 60% over 40 years.

The Carbon tax levies a fee on the production, distribution or use of fossil fuels based on how much carbon they emit.

Sourcing only regenerative and sustainable resources, Style Plantation are innovators in the expanding movement towards maintaining the quality of the environment, while providing quality products.

National Director of Style Plantation, Paul Coulson, believes people need to start examining environmentally friendly alternatives, which are already on the market.

“One of the fastest growing trends dictates that living in a stylish environment needn’t be at the expense of the natural environment,” Paul Coulson said.

Style Plantation specialise in a distinctive flooring product called Styleboard strand-woven bamboo. The raw material used in the production of the bamboo flooring is sourced from government controlled renewable bamboo forests in China.

The bamboo flooring is 100% carbon neutral, termite-resistant (due to the process in manufacturing the finished product) as well as proven to be almost twice the strength of jarrah.

As the tax makes using certain materials more expensive, businesses and individuals will have to examine ways to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Timber floorings for example, will acquire a high tax as the production process involves reducing one of Australia’s non-renewable sources – trees. The Carbon tax will make alternative materials, such as the bamboo, far more cost-competitive.

Jindalee store Managing Director and Owner of Style Plantation, Kevin Bursnall, maintains it is not only these features, which make bamboo flooring appealing for homes and offices.

“You simply can’t go past the look. When you walk into a room floored in bamboo you truly do catch your breath. There is a quality, warmth and feel created entirely by the floor itself,” he said.

Style Plantation were one of the few companies in Australia to offer a range of sustainable and renewable products. Their continued focus is on creating luxurious, sustainable and regenerative lifestyle products. Style Plantation provide a cost effective approach to flooring alternatives, with a proactive influence on the environment.