“When the design for a product is inspired so strongly by nature, it seems natural to give something back to nature!” - David Trubridge

David Trubridge has extended his support to the Ocean Recovery Alliance, an NGO based in Hong Kong and California that runs ocean clean-up projects, taking plastic out of waterways and training locals to maintain these initiatives.

Trubridge will be contributing $50 from the sale of each design in his ocean-inspired lighting collection. His company’s newest range of lights is derived from plankton, so some of the profits are heading back to the ocean. The two designs in this range are Maru and Navicula.

Diatom and plankton are microscopic organisms found in virtually any body of water on Earth. Viewed under the microscope, their forms are stunningly beautiful and seemingly infinite in shape and design. Placed at the base of the entire oceanic food chain, diatom and plankton generate more oxygen through photosynthesis than all of the world’s tropical rainforests – enough for our every second breath.

As a sailor, swimmer, fisherman and paddle boarder who has an almost daily interaction with the sea, Trubridge feels personally connected with the issue of the health of the oceans. When seeking a charitable company to enter a donation partnership with, he chose Ocean Recovery Alliance because of the work they did as well as for using all the funds they received to make direct actions and run projects and teams.

“We’ve just handed over our first donation of funds to Ocean Recovery Alliance for the first quarter of sales. It’s great knowing this contribution will directly result in some plastic collection/ prevention projects.” – David Trubridge