Custom doors specialist Studform was approached by Schiavello to design the perfect door solution for their heritage listed hotel in Adelaide, SA.

As part of the $55 million refurbishment of the Mayfair Hotel, Schiavello sought doors that looked great for guests, complemented the existing heritage look of the hotel, and provided the required acoustic performance.

The Mayfair hotel wanted the design boundaries pushed, avoiding the standard flush panel fire doors of other hotels.

Studform entered the project at the design stage to assist with the specification. The heritage building had varying floor heights, which presented new challenges. Prototyping of decorative design helped ensure consistency of design and height throughout the building, and acoustic testing of the design addressed the client’s needs.

Studform customised a routered pattern-faced door with acoustic rating. Sonus tested the doors to ensure they met the required RW/STC ratings.

Studform’s interconnecting doors didn’t achieve the required acoustic performance in an early test. But the company was able to improve the acoustic performance in the next test by Sonus.