Structureflex Pacific  offers its customers with temporary structures for hire and other related rental services. These structures are available in many sizes in order to suit various applications. The structures offered by Structureflex Pacific are designed to provide protection from elements and can be used in corporate events, weddings and festivals. Structureflex Pacific provides its customers design, dismantling and installation services and also offers instant marquees.

Structureflex Pacific offer standard structures that can be used to cover the open spaces with water proof and shade fabrics. The standard structures offered by Structureflex Pacific include school yard and play area covers, walkway covers, half barrels, barrel arches, conic structures, hyper twists, swimming pool shelters and covers, car yards, seating areas, car wash and so on.

The walkway covers offered by Structureflex Pacific comes in an aesthetic design and can be ideally laid places such as waiting shelters, covered walkways and seating areas. These walkway covers are also available in custom sizes so as to suit different applications.

Structureflex Pacific offers shade sails that come as a solution for both residential and commercial applications. The shade sails are available in various styles and shapes in order to suit different applications.