Stormwater 360  offers stormfilter, which has been designed to filter pollutants such as soluble heavy metals, grease, oil and other nutrients. This filtration system from Stormwater 360 comes with a surface cleaning system that extends the cartage life cycle as well as prevents surface blinding. The filtration system comes in various sizes so that specific pollutants can be targeted. This comes in different configurations that can be used for different applications. The filtration system from Stormwater 360 is easy to maintain and the staffs also provide the customers with maintenance service so that the customers can stay at peace.

Stormwater 360 offers stormscreem, which is a product designed to remove debris and trash. This comes with a direct screening system that facilitates removal of particles. The stormscreen is made of siphon-actuated cartridge that ensues that there is even use of the screen during every storm. This screening system also comes with a patented cleaning mechanism that improves the length maintenance intervals and performance. The surface cleaning mechanism helps in extending the cartridge life as well as improving the maintenance cycles.