Landscapers often have to design projects for clients who have fixed ideas about designing their yards and backyard spaces. Sometimes, these expectations don’t factor in the physical elements of the landscape such as the terrain, which can potentially lead to drainage issues in future.

Landscapers can assist their clients by addressing these issues as well as help create a focal point for the area, balance the elements and sustain the greenery.

Proper drainage

Water runoff is a serious issue that can cause a whole host of problems from flooding to pollution. Instead of using materials that may cause flooding, landscapers can recommend StoneSet’s permeable paving solutions to capture and reuse rainwater.

Interesting focal points

When designing the landscape, add features that naturally draw the eye. It is human nature to scan a landscape seeking an element that is purposely placed as the visual destination.

Balancing the elements

Ensure each element in the design complements the surroundings. For instance, one can’t simply drop a large boulder thoughtlessly on a hard surface.

Keep it green

Trees, shrubs and tastefully placed flower gardens soften the effect of a hardscaped area. StoneSet’s permeable paving system can be incorporated in landscaping projects in the form of tree surrounds and walkways by the gardens that allow rainwater to seep into the soil. The presence of ample greenery assists with preventing water runoff.