Given the changing land use patterns in urban areas, Councils now require buildings to be more considerate of the surrounding environment and community. Hard to Soft Landscaping ratio is one measure used to ensure rainwater in urban spaces percolates into the ground and replenishes the water table. With the sizes of residential developments increasing by the day, keeping to the ratio can be a challenge. Homeowners should ideally consult with their Council on the ratio applicable to their properties as each area may have different requirements.

Hard to Soft Landscaping ratio reduces stormwater runoff and erosion, and replenishes the water table.

StoneSet permeable paving

StoneSet is a fully porous hard surface, achieved by using a unique resin and aggregate blend. The stone is ‘set’ securely in place with sufficiently large voids to allow all water to permeate through and provide a seamless stone finish surface.

Driveway area ‘Soft Landscaping’, for instance, meets the Councils’ definition of ‘permeable’. The homeowner is able to develop larger usable surfaces for an improved appearance.

Other soft landscaping options

Grass requires significant maintenance to remain healthy, especially with vehicle traffic. The natural look of loose stones is detracted by slip hazards and maintenance issues. StoneSet is a ‘natural stone’ soft landscaping alternative with no maintenance requirement. The result is a usable, decorative, non-slip surface suitable for both cars and foot traffic.

StoneSet is endorsed by Councils

StoneSet’s porosity rate of 60 litres/m²/second means it is classified as a soft surface by many Councils. The StoneSet finish will also ensure a non-slip surface with a typical slip wear rating of R11, a level stringent enough for external ramps in public areas. More than 50 Councils Australia-wide have used StoneSet in a range of public works including tree surrounds, parks and pathways, schools, hospital foyers and heritage listed public buildings among many others.

Incentives for soft landscaping

Many homeowners have benefitted from installing StoneSet permeable paving on their properties. Approval of larger floor plans for new builds, approval of building extensions, ability to incorporate a new pool or pathway and double sized driveways/ carports, and improved property value are just some of the benefits experienced by these homeowners.

Councils that specifically approve StoneSet as a permeable surface include Melbourne City Council, City of Sydney, Brisbane City Council, Northern Beaches Council, Ku-ring-gai Council, Waverley Council, Sutherland Shire Council, Randwick City Council and Willoughby Council.

StoneSet for strength

StoneSet’s natural aggregate is coated with just enough resin to form multiple crosslink bonds at each stone, with a high enough void to allow water to permeate. An underlying 52mm gravel cell back-filled with free-draining gravel will provide a combined compressive strength of over 4000t/m², which is more than adequate for vehicular trafficked areas including heavy vehicles such as trucks.

StoneSet for the environment

The fully porous StoneSet returns water to the immediate environment. Made from locally sourced aggregates, StoneSet as a hard surface requires less embodied energy to manufacture than alternatives such as concrete.

StoneSet for durability

StoneSet Permeable Paving provides a 10-year guarantee that covers loose stones and colour changes. Quick and safe to install with minimal waste, the material is low maintenance and doesn’t require washing of the surface. StoneSet enables you to have a low maintenance hardwearing surface that has a natural stone appearance and is also good for the environment.