A parking lot is an essential feature of a business-friendly commercial building. Customers should have the flexibility to park their vehicles in the vicinity of the business. Commercial properties with ample parking space will attract more customers. It’s therefore, in the business’ interest to maintain the parking lot, especially the paved surface for the safety and convenience of their customers.

Porous paving solutions from StoneSet Permeable Paving deliver several benefits when installed on parking lots.


Customers should be able to traverse the parking lot safely to get to your store. This means puddles and slick spots must be eliminated from the surface. StoneSet porous paving lets rainwater drain straight through the surface, preventing puddles from being formed. Being slip-resistant, the paved surface of the parking lot ensures safety for users. StoneSet comes in different colours and the surface will never ever need to be painted. The rugged qualities of a StoneSet surface will not wear out for up to 25 years, eliminating any worry about cracked paving.

Non-fading parking space demarcation

Parking lines assist with orderly parking of vehicles, optimising space and ensuring smooth running of the carpark. Exposed to traffic and weather extremes, painted lines on conventional concrete surfaces tend to fade or chip away over time, blurring the demarcation. With StoneSet permeable paving surfaces, one can choose a bright contrasting colour and paint the lines. The colours will remain true and vivid for up to 25 years, reducing maintenance and keeping your parking lot operating efficiently.

Improved drainage system

Typical non-porous surfaces on parking lots can turn the space into a lake during heavy rains. While a proper drainage system will assist with draining out excess water, there is always a limit to how much water any drain can handle. Drains also get easily clogged after a storm dumps leaves and garbage on their grates. Paving your parking lot with StoneSet will cut down on the drain's load by letting water get absorbed through the porous surface. Regardless of leaves or any other debris, stormwater will continue to be absorbed by the permeable paving surface, keeping the surface clear of puddles with no worries about drains breaking or backing up.