The mission at Logan City Council administration building for the architects was to present a modern library building with a stunning feature which was achieved.

The wall was clad with 40 mm thick Brown Sandstone panels interspersed with split faced Grey Sandstone features.

The main panels are 600 mm x400mm and 600 mm x240 mm x 40 MM thick and the feature stone is 600 mmx 50 mm 40 mm. The walls are 3200mm high with panels going to 7.600mm high.

The panels are all attached with standard 6MM adjustable StoneClips and also spots of fix were put on the back of the panels to help in the stabilising of them, so they more resistant to people abuse as it is a public area. The area in total inside and out is around 130 m2.

StoneClips are available from StoneClip.