StoneClip  has introduced a new bracket- Support Clip. The new fixing is now available.

Support Clip has been certified by the engineering company Sheehy & Partners of Brisbane, Qld, to be structurally sound against wind loading as well as a certified dead load support in panel sizes up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm x20 mm when used according to the table of required brackets / panel being installed.

The Support Clip is designed to be epoxyed into the top fixing point of the panel (this is intended to be done prior to installing with the use of a bench saw that can be inclined to 45 degrees), for the rigidity of the panel and then the bottom fixing of the panel it is intended for this position to be secured with a suitable silicone to allow for any movement in the panel that may happen due to pressure that can build up, either from the substrate moving or the changes in temperature and the structural changes on the panels due to the above causing any bending or cupping.

The adjuster is shown in the photo and it is intended that this also have silicone placed on both sides of it prior to installation.

This allows the silicone to be absorbed by the construction grade foam and then form a structural shock absorber when set between the bracket and the substrate.

The fixing screw that is supplied is a 14 gauge X 50 mm long self tapper that can be screwed into wood easily and into concrete structure with the aid of a Blue 8 mm nylon plug.

Markings are on the Support Clip to allow for joints to be laid to, such as 1.5 mm and up to 3 mm, so that tradespersons can see the brackets are in the right place prior to installation.

It is intended that the Support Clip is to be used for cavities of 5 mm off substrate and up to a maximum of 15 mm. By erecting your vertical support channels plum and straight in place prior to installation it is possible to install the clips without the adjuster being used at all.

The Support Clips are to be sold complete with the screw and the 8 MM foam adjuster.

The big plus of Support Clip is that tradespersons can now install big size Porcelain tiles up to 1200mm 600 mm x 15 mm thick and not be restricted when they reach 2.400 mm high.

In fact they can fix one on top of each other and keep going and not worrying about glue being set before the next course is installed.

To conform with the building code of practise it is intended that there be a complete break and start in the fixings (Support Clip) when a height of 3000mm + or - is reached, so as you get a break in the dead load of the cladding.

This is done by using the same fixing and simply cutting it in half and installing the top half of the fixing as the bottom restraint for the tile or panel of stone.