Stegbar has introduced a new range of aluminium entry doors featuring a contemporary appearance and designed for rapid installation. Stegbar’s new Statesman Aluminium Pivot Door (APD) can be installed in less than half the time of a comparable timber pivot door. 

Stegbar’s Statesman APD combines a lightweight design with a unique pivot hardware system, enabling the door to be rapidly hung and adjusted. Newly introduced into the Australian market, the entry doors feature a contemporary appearance with clean, sleek lines.

Stegbar developed the new product after identifying a strong consumer demand for aluminium entry doors with modern aesthetics. Marketing director Scott Kelly explains that the Statesman APD can be exactly colour-matched by anodising or powder-coating to suit the home's exterior. 

Stegbar’s Statesman APD delivers several advantages including extremely low maintenance requirement; thermal sealing and fly screening available as customisation options; quick installation saving time and labour for builders; competitive pricing for an aluminium entry door; entire 60kg weight vertically supported by heavy-duty steel pins, unlike traditional hinged doors; steel pins successfully torture-tested for over 100,000 cycles using a 100kg door; and on-the-fly adjustment to fit door frames. 

New product development manager David Hills observes that the Statesman's simple design translates to an equally straightforward installation method. The door is simply lifted into the frame and the pins aligned into the connectors before screwing them in place. The pins can be adjusted for vertical and lateral movement as required. Mr Hills adds that the Statesman can be adjusted on-the-fly while it's in the door frame.

The Statesman APD comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions that can be intuitively understood by any carpenter. Stegbar can also assist with technical advice or perform the installation via its Stegbar Installation Service.

Statesman aluminium entry doors come in sizes up to 1200mm wide by 2400mm high with a generously sized handle and up to nine chair-rails. Options include door furniture, different amounts of chair-rails, translucent glass and double-glazing. The APD is also designed so that the door's weight load is held vertically and doesn't place undue outward pressure on the door frame. The lightweight aluminium construction also ensures the Statesman won't warp or stress the frame, which can be an issue with oversized hinge-mounted doors. 

Statesman's unique pivot system allows the door to be continuously sealed, offering another advantage over traditional pivot doors. This also ensures the Statesman achieves a wind and water rating to N3. The pivot system allows for the installation of fly screens, unlike other pivot doors. Stegbar can supply fly screens to perfectly match the door.

A self-drainable sill is fitted to the Statesman's base to prevent rain from entering the home through the bottom of the door. While about 90 per cent of rainwater is stopped by the seal on the door's sill, the remaining water falls through a specially designed internal gap and drains back out. This one-way valve prevents the elements from blowing any water back in, and is unique for a pivot door.

Stegbar's Statesman aluminium pivot doors are entirely designed and manufactured in Australia.