Garage door specialist Steel-Line Garage Doors has launched its latest range of Colorbond metallic colour garage doors. The leading Australian garage door designer-manufacturer combines long-term durability with striking style to offer homeowners a new range of steel garage doors in a choice of six attractive colours: Galactic, Cosmic, Rhea, Astro, Aries and Celestian.

Made from Australian BlueScope steel, Steel-Line garage doors are available in Flatline, Slimline and Glacier sectional door profiles.

Steel-Line’s National Sales Manager, Aaron Dillaway expects high demand for the new doors in Colorbond metallic colour. Available for customers throughout the country, Steel-Line’s latest range of garage doors presents Australian homeowners with a new and innovative product that will enhance and increase the value of their home.

The smooth metallic finish is achieved with a unique type of paint incorporating mica particles to capture and reflect light in a truly beautiful way with the appearance of the garage door changing under different conditions and angles.

The new Colorbond Metallic steel substrate is protected by Activate technology and covered by AS/NZS 2728 compliance.

Steel-Line sources the steel for its garage doors from BlueScope, leveraging the manufacturing and supply chain expertise of the leading steel manufacturer along with the superior qualities of Australian-made steel to efficiently satisfy the growing demand for its products across Australia.