Spirit Marble and Tile Care presents the Spirit Rejuvenate, an eco friendly stone tile cleaner with built in penetrating sealer. With regular use, the Spirit Rejuvenate can extend the life of existing penetrating sealers and will seal unsealed surfaces.

Features of the Spirit Rejuvenate Stone Cleaner:

  • Built in sealer
  • Apple fragrance
  • Ph Neutral formula
  • Effective on soap scum, grease and general soiling
  • No need to rinse
  • Environmentally friendly
The Spirit Rejuvenate is a biodegradable stone tile cleaner that is applicable for all natural stone surfaces including granite countertops, sandstone, limestone and marble. The eco friendly tile cleaners can also clean ceramic tiles, porcelain and grout joins. It also works as an effective polish on stone and tile surfaces.

The Spirit Rejuvenate stone cleaners are available from Spirit Marble and Tile Care in 500ml ready spray packs.