Speedpanel is an Australian company involved in providing a variety of wall systems. According to different construction requirements, different types of wall systems are modelled by Speedpanel . Each Speedpanel system passes through several testing process for refining the individual system for structural performance, fire sheilding and noise insulation.

A variety of wall systems are developed by Speedpanel at its manufacturing factory in Kilsyth, Melbourne. At this facility, Speedpanel products are constantly refined through development and testing. Speedpanel wall systems come in different thicknesses, ranging from 78mm to 600mm. Some of the Speedpanel wall systems include system 14G, system 14B, system 12A, system 11H, system 10A, system 1A, system 15C and system 11C.

Each Speedpanel system differs in the width of the plasterboard, furring channel attached to it and by the density of the insulation infill. The panels undergo engineering tests including panel structural performance tests, panel structural deflection tests and panel safe calculations tests. Fire tests include fire resistance tests on non-load bearing wall system while acoustic tests include sound transmission and loss tests for each panel developed.