Spantech was commissioned by the Australian Department of Defence to refurbish five 23-metre ESH buildings at an existing explosives depot in Western Australia. Constructed in 1996 by Spantech, these structures needed to be refurbished, and internal racking was also required to be added to hold the ordnance stored in the buildings.

The racking is connected to the arch by a method that is strong enough to support the large loads and allow the arch to flex in the unlikely event of an explosion in an adjacent building. The racks are also earthed to minimise the risk of static electricity.

Executed in 2011, Spantech’s refurbishment work for the explosives depot upgrade encompassed civil works, concrete paved areas and footings, soil erosion protection, HDPE earth mound liner, servicing all doors and motors, galvanised protected surfaces, flexible sealed joints – tape repair, aluminium insect screens, painting of metal surfaces, internal panel joint seals, floor finishes – linemarking, hand rails, static earthing, electrical and lighting – internal, and signage.