Spantech was contracted by the New Zealand Defence Force to design and construct five 23-metre Explosives Storehouses (ESH) and an Ammunition Preparation Building (APB) at the Waiouru Military Camp.

A New Zealand Army facility located in the central North Island of New Zealand, Waiouru Military Camp is the base where all soldiers complete their initial basic training.

Spantech was awarded the contract by NZ Defence for several reasons including the proven design of the Spantech 23-metre ESH, which was also recommended by US Defence for the storage of specialised equipment; the extensive use of the building by other countries in the region; Spantech’s proven track record of delivering major defence infrastructure; and the efficiency and economy of a direct procurement contract with Spantech.

The Ammunition Preparation Building (APB) is designed to NATO specifications and features extensive use of the Spantech 300 Series straight panels. Spantech panels cover the main entrance and loading area with a single unsupported span of 8 metres and continue to cover the main roof. Spantech panels were used for the external walls as well as for some internal blast walls, which were formed using the panels as permanent formwork.

Spantech also designed and manufactured an array of internal blast doors.

Spantech won the 2006 Minister of Defence (NZ) Awards of Excellence to Industry – Very Highly Commended title for their work at the Waiouru Military Camp.