Spantec Systems Pty , manufacturer of light structural steel beams, introduces their innovative Ezi-Pier adjustable steel piers.

Designed to facilitate raised ground floor construction, Spantec's Ezi-Pier adjustable steel piers feature a pier head that provides the tradesperson or installer with enough (100 mm) tolerance to obtain an extremely level floor. Piers and floor frames can be fitted by a single tradesperson without the need for bricklayers, saving time and labour. 

Available in 65mm and 90mm piers and post systems, these adjustable piers are capable of dealing with most slopping sites. They are just as easy to use with timber bearers and joists as it is with Boxspan.

No ant capping is required as the adjustable pier head is a solid rod, which allows for visual inspection as required by the BCA.

The Ezi-Pier adjustable steel piers are fire resistant.