Southern Cross Companies  supplies Thermosoft heating products that include SET radiators. SET radiators provided by Southern Cross Companies are made of cast granite and can be mounted on wall. These radiators are available as vertical or horizontal radiators and in various colours for suiting the interior décor. This radiator has a simple design and functions on the principle of natural stone. SE radiators, too, like natural stone, has the ability to store as well as spread heat. These radiators utilise minimal area as well as ensures not to reduce both the oxygen content as well as humidity of the air. The stone surface of the SE radiators enables these radiators to operate with low surface temperature thereby providing even distribution of heat. These radiators also ensure to provide pleasant as well as healthy indoor climate.

SE radiators provided by Southern Cross Companies have smooth surface thereby require minimal maintenance. Some of its features include brackets for wall mounting in conjunction with spring lock that enables easy folding of these radiators. SE radiators can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Model TF towel drier supplied by Southern Cross Companies comprises of an on/off switch in conjunction with several other accessories including cable of 1.5 metres, mounting screws as well as plug.